Crazy Domestic!

What’s up friends? I’ve been itching to share my news with you all since last week! See, I got an email from Megan over at Crazy Domestic that my $75 Curtain Rod done for less than $15 will be featured on her blog today 12/30/2010! I am so excited for my first feature. Please click on the link below to leave a comment and check out some of the other fabulous crafty ideas featured on the blog!
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mollie said...

What an awesome idea! You are so creative! Love all your cute crafts! And what a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing!

Cheilsea said...

I'm your newest follower and I love love love your blog!!! I'm definitely going to try out the pvc curtain hangers! We moved into our new place and the windows are huge so I haven't hung up one window treatment because everything is so darn expensive! Thanks for the great idea!

Angie said...



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