My ahh ha! Moment.

Last night while as I was thinking of ways to redecorate my bedroom and dinning room, I had an ahh ha moment. Being a military family we move around ALOT, really every 3 or so years. Some families even more. Any MW (military wife) will tell your one of our moving frustrations is we'll buy beautiful new furniture and home decor only to have it scratched, dented, or completely destroyed or even worse it disappears by careless movers. I was looking in my kitchen dinning area thinking what type of table do I want to buy to replace what I have in there. Then, as I so often do thought "you know what I'ma wait until we move or get setteled because I don't want it to get damaged in the next more". No sooner than that thought left my head another one entered: "Paint the one you have now!" AHHH HA! GENIUS! I don't why I didn't think of it sooner. It makes perfect sense. So sooner hopefully rather than later I will have a new kitchen table set. Only I'd like have  different off to I go, if not there I'll see what I can find a few of my local thrift stores! Wish me luck! Pin It

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Tamika said...

Sounds like a plan, good luck with your search. My sister gave me her dining set when she moved but I want to jazz it up with some new chairs that I like from


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