I LOVE me some Pinterest!

Hello blog land! I have a question for you. Do you pinterest? I do and I. LOVE. IT! It’s so super convenient to be able to keep track of idea’s and things found online in one tidy space. Before pinterest I would create folders in my favorites to quickly access websites and things found online but that never really worked for me. So WHAT exactly is Pinterest?



Here’s a peek at some of my pin boards.


I absolutely love this! When I’m planning a birthday party, I just create a board and start pining away. You can do a search on different subjects and see other user’s pins. IT.IS.AWESOMEimage

This tool has really be a life saver while I’ve been planning Hubby’s 40th Birthday/Promotion party. I made a folder and while surfing the web getting ideas and looking up products online, I pin things I like or want to take a closer look at.


This site has to be a party planners dream. Tons of party ideas all in one place.

Whassat that you said? You just found something cool you ‘d like to pin but your using your phone? No Worries! There’s and App for that! These days there is an App for everything…but that’s a different blog post for a different day…..


The only little hiccup is that you have to be invited to join Pinterest. I was hooked up last year via a blog I follow. But if you’re not all ready a pinterest user, put your email addy in a comment and I’ll send you an invite. Once you join don’t forget to follow me on Pinterst! See the little red button at the top of the page.

Happy Pinning!

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Elk Neck State Park

Hello Friends! 
Easter weekend my family went on our first camping trip. I was reluctant to go so the girls and the Hubbs made all the plans. IMG_6906
Turned out to be the perfect weekend for camping. The weather was in the 60s very little wind and best of hardly any BUGS!! We were able to sit out and eat without swatting bugs away.
We tried a new S’mores recipe Munchkin learned at Girl Scout camp last summer. Mexican S’mores! Tortilla, peanut butter, marshmallows, and chocolate- DELISH!!!
Tried fishing but nothing was biting so we went on a hike instead
We found fresh clams down on the little beach. Nope we didn’t try to eat them.
That’s the beach we were on collecting shells and clams
While the trip was great! It was sooooo nice to get back home and wash the campfire smell away!  There will be more camping trips in the future.
Elk Neck State Park
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Our Almost House

Since February we have been in limbo about whether or not we were going to tell the Military life goodbye. We’d finally decided in March that if The Hubbs didn’t get promoted we would go a head and retire here in Maryland.

So we started looking at houses thinking the chances of this promotion were 50/50 we wanted to be somewhat prepared. If he got the promotion we’d be moving,if not we’d be staying put.

One Sunday we went out to a new development and fell head over hills in love. The development was out in the country only about 20 homes being built. Huge lots….GORGEOUS!! 

We’d picked out a lot and floor plan and even drove up to the Design Center to look at finishes.


The best thing about this house was, you see that room labeled STUDY, yeah right there up front as you enter on the right. That my friends was going to be my MOM CAVE. Mine. Me. all to myself!

This plan didn’t come with a basement so we’d decided to have one added on, where we’d put the media room aka DAD CAVE and the girls’ would have a special area.


I could imagine myself sitting on that porch sipping my coffee and reading a magazine. **sigh**

Folks I knew the color scheme I wanted, furniture placement, etc. I was soooooo excited!

We’re Military!  I should’ve known better!

The following week turned our worlds upside down. 1st. We were to report Texas by July 10, 2012 and second (acutally this is good news) The Hubbs was getting promoted!

So there is our almost house…..now back to the house hunting only this time in San Antonio, TX! Wish us luck!

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I’m BACK!!

I have been away from blogging since September. I think because I was overwhelmed with posting and wanted to take a minute to figure out what I wanted this blog to be about (still not quite sure). Well during that time life got busy and days turned into weeks, weeks to months! I have sooooo much to show and tell. 
I'll start with a Rockin' Rock Star party I helped my friend with. She really went all out to create a fun time for her daughters 8th birthday..get ready tons of pictures!
I love all of the little details! Even the ice cubes were pink and purple star shaped! Check out the table cloth!
Candy coated marshmallows, pop rocks, rock candy, cake pops, blow pops, candy coated pretzel sticks, pink & purple M&M’s
Each “rock star” had to get ready for their performance in hair and makeup! Mom’s an ex-MaryKay consultant so she had leftover supplies for each girl to have her own vanity set up!
Ready to rock out! Inflatable guitars and all.
The Band.
The Birthday Girl and Pookie Doo-they are besties.IMG_6702
This was probably my favorite part of the party- Dad was SECURITY, he was posted up at the front door with the VIP guest list and their VIP passes to enter the party.

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