I went on head and got her one.....

A cellphone! I got my 10 year old a cellphone a couple of weeks ago. She's been asking and trying to give me reasons as to why she would need one since she was about 8. Last year her school put her and her sister on the wrong bus (long story) but I nor they had any clue where my children were for about 45 minutes! If she'd had a cellphone then she coulda called. Well I got an offer in the mail thru my wireless service to get a free phone, free shipping, free activation. So I thought let's get her a phone. Her reaction when she recieved it was hilarious...she shouted, she danced, she hugged, she kissed, she lost her breath, etc. Ofcourse I had my camera handy to capture the joy.
Used My Minds Eye- So Sophie
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Beebeebabs said...

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Joynana said...

Not knowing where your child is for 45 minutes is one way to know she needs a phone. I know that had to be scary. Really glad that everything had a happy ending. Great layout and page.

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