Adirondak Bench Makeover

 Hi Bloggy friends! Most of you are probably doing Fall front porch decor this time a year. I did that too, but I also have a back porch!  That's part of what sold us on this house, it had two porches to work with.
 While we were still waiting to close we came across these Adirondak Benches at The Home Depot. They retailed for $100 but they were on clearance for $40 each! I know, I know crazy right!? We got two and the little matching tables that were $8 each.

They came in a box and we had to assemble them. I didn't care for the unfinished ligther wood look. I like dark stains with a satin finish. So that's what we went with.

We got both benches and tables done in no time thanks to my family working hard.
Here is the finished chair. I got the cushions from the Garden Ridge here. The  GR just down the street from my house is GINORMOUS it's two warehouses huge!
I think I'm obessesed with spray paint. I love how it helps me transform a piece in minutes to something totally new!  I sprayed these huge old pots to match the colors in the cushions and planted hibiscus bushes in them.

 Here's what the porch looks like so far. Future plans include. 1. Hanging some outdoor lights around the top of the porch. 2.Art work on that big empty wall space. 3.Hanging lattice on the left side above the railing to give us more privacy from our neighbors. 4. Staining the railing. 5. Hanging a wind chime.

See how close the neighbors are! Lattice would work nicely with some type of greenery growing all over it.
So here it is for now.

Hopefully I'll find something at Garden Ridge to dress up that wall.

Thanks for stopping by! .
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Beautiful Bookworm & Smile {Scrapbooking}

Hi folks, hope you all are having or had a great weekend! I sure did. I snatched up a really nice buffet/credenza at an estate sale and got to sit down and scrap.
Oh My Goodness it was great to finally get some scrapping done! FYI I'm a scrap-a-holic & a  picture taking fanatic! My favorite subjects to photograph are my children-of course.
My oldest daughter is a serious bookworm! She is a self proclaimed geek/nerd. Some parents are fussing at their kids to, "Come pick up your toys". I'm fussing for her to pick up her books.

 She wanted to do a photo shoot that showcased her geeky/nerdiness and her love of reading in her new favorite graphic T. We had so much fun taking these pictures. They grow so fast.

This year for my little one's birthday, her Dad and I surprised her at school with cupcakes! This was a  big deal to me because her previous schools didn't allow outside food in so this was her first time sharing cupcakes with the class.

She is my "smiley" child. Always smiling and giggling.

I am so in love with the newest lines from My Minds Eye- I.want.them.all. Their stuff used to be too busy for me. But for my birthday this year my friend sent me the Sunshine Collection and I adored it. I went to a convention a few weeks ago and snatched a few pieces from  new Indie Chic Collection.

Materials Used for LO/1:
                                            ~Sunshine "Forever" Classified Paper
                                            ~Sunshine "Two of Us" Damask Paper
                                            ~Sunshine "Lovely" Plaid Paper
                                            ~Sunshine "Memories" Blossoms Paper
                                            ~Sunshine "Memories" Buttons
                                            ~Sunshine "Forever" Decorative Brads
                                            ~Sunshine "Sunshine"Decorative Brads
                                            ~Sunshine "Two of Us" Pearls
Kraft Paper-not sure of the manufacturer
Kaiser Kraft Basic Pearls Yellow
Creative Memories Corner Rounder
Materials Used for LO/2
My Minds Eye Indie Chic
~Ginger "Direction" Brocade Paper
~Ginger "Pictures" Damask Paper
~Ginger "Travel" Tulips Paper
~Ginger "Adventure" Bouquet Paper
~ Direction Layered Stickers
~Direction Buttons
 ~Sunshine "Two of Us" Pearls

Who is your favorite paper manufacturer?
Thanks for stopping by. See you again soon!
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DIY Family Subway Art

2012-10-13 002 001
I have been a fan of subway art for a while now and I’ve wanted a custom piece with special words for my family. Most of the blogland tutorial’s I’d seen were too involved. Until I came across this pin on Pinterest. She designed her subway art using her cricut and MS word. **AH HA MOMENT**  I could DIY one using my Cricut Expression and a software program called Make the Cut!
2012-10-13 001 001
First I spray painted the 11 x 14 canvas board purchased from Hobby Lobby black.
2012-10-13 001 003
While the canvas dried I went to work on laying out the words using the Make the Cut software. The software can no longer be purchased to use with Cricut but if you have any other di-cut machine your golden!
2012-10-13 001 004
Being that I have two girls’, I have a good a mount of pink vinyl so I used it to make the stencil.You can use any color.
2012-10-13 001 005
I wanted to use white for the letters but didn’t have any and didn’t want to go to the store to get any. I left the heart in LOVE covered because I wanted it red and sparkley, so that I could use red & red stickles to make it.  You can see where the vinyl didn’t stay adhered to the canvas so it leaked thru. I’ll leave it as if for now.
2012-10-13 001 007

Thanks for stopping by!
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Office Chair Pink-over

Hello again blog land, Today I’m showing a quick and easy project. I got the inspiration from a pin on Pinterest. You can see it here. I have 4 UGLY office chairs I need to recover in my house. I started with E’s first cause it looked like the easiest one to do and I want to be done with her room pink-over.


I started out by taking the back and seat off. I laid each piece on the floor on top of the fabric and eyeballed about two inches out. Fro the seat I just cut a square and started stapling away.


For the back I tried to cut the fabric more to it’s shape. I then pinned the two pieces together and sewed a all the edges except for the bottom. On the bottom I did a zig zag stitch to hem it.


Next I added bow’s using some polka-dotted ribbon to cover up the over hang on the sides and to “cute” it up a bit.


I had to add a little bling! I wanted to use rhinestones but my i-rock tool is broken. To make the E I used my Expression and some vinyl to make a stencil. Then I used modge podge to fill in the E and sprinkled very fine glitter over it, removed the vinyl stencil.



Thanks for visiting, come again soon!

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I’m BACK!!

Hello everyone out there in blog land! I've been away for a few months, but I'm back now! My last post was the Hubbs 40th Bday Beer Bash back in May. After I took a break from trying to blog to focus on moving my family 1/2 way across the country to Texas. We were very settled in Maryland so it was hard to leave. But when Uncle Sam says you gotta go--well you gotta go! We did get to take the scenic route and visit a few places, friends and family in the process. So this first post back I'll take you on our journey from Maryland to Texas (in pictures of course).

The first weekend we stayed in DC with our friends the Demeble's. We've been friends for years now so it was nice to spend time with them before we moved several hundred miles away. IMG_9060

That weekend the girls' and I also attended the Girl Scout 100th Anniversary Celebration on the Mall. It was a fun experience getting to meet Girl Scout from all over the country and the World. We got there early but left before it got too crowded.

2012-06-03 001 060

2012-06-03 001 082

Next stop was North Carolina to see our son, some of my family and my BFF from elementary school.IMG_9111IMG_9122IMG_9125


After a couple of days in North Carolina we drove to Savannah, Georgia. That city felt so magical to me with all of the huge mossy tree's. We stayed a couple of nights there to visit a few places.


Next stop was Valdosta GA to visit the Hubbs side of the family. It's always fun to be with him in his hometown. He has so many stories from his childhood and the crazy things he used to do.

After Valdosta we headed to my Dad's house in Newnan, GA where we hung out with my dad and his finance Jennifer.IMG_9271

We spent some time with Steven's older brother at his new house in Mableton, GA. The girls' enjoyed picking fresh blueberries in his backyard and making Blueberry milkshakes.IMG_9250

I got to see one of my BFF from high school that I hadn't seen (in person) since 2003!IMG_9259

Last stop before heading to Texas was to Leesburg, GA to visit our friends the Myles. Hadn't seen them since 2003 either. I didn’t get to take any photo’s because we arrived late in the evening and they had to get up for work the next day.But it was great just to see them at all.

One of the greatest things about being a military family and moving around so much is getting to meet so many special people and no matter how far apart you are or for how long when you get back together you pick up like no time's past at all.

Looking forward to making new friends and memories of fun times  here in Texas.

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40th Birthday Beer Bash

Hello friends! These past couple of months have been so extremely busy for me! We're moving in June to TEXAS! Tell yah more later-promise! I'm in school, leading girlscouts, working full time, and was planning the Hubbs 40th bday party. 
At first it was going to be a little shindig at the crib with 10-15 guests, no big whoop! Well during the planning we found out he got promoted AND we were moving. So it became a birthday, promotion, farewell party with over 50 guests!
All the stress and planning that went into it were worth it. We had it outside at a park, the weather was amazing! Everyone had a good time. I surprised him by flying our son in from NC. The look on his face was priceless! I love surprising people.

The invites were designed by me as well as these mugs I found at the $1 store! I think I have a tutorial on these coming up.
 As you may have guessed it was a Beer Tasting themed party. We sent out invites and asked everyone to bring a six pack of beer from one of three different categories instead of gifts.
I was a tad dissappointed with the cake turnout, I didn't know the picture would look so drab! It was delicious though, we used a local bakery. The food was catered by Fast Eddie's Pitt Beef. I didn't get a picture but we had pit turkey, ham, and beef.

We ended up with soooooooooooooo much beer and so many types. Most I'd never even heard of.
 I set the different beers out along with pencils and score cards for guest to make notes of the different beers they tried.  Along with the cake we had mini cherry cheesecakes, chocolate chip cookie and brownies. 
I used to create these custom beer bottles. I thought this was so cool!
Note to self: Next time get waterproof labels- duh! & hire a photographer!
 Now that the party is behind me, time to get busy prepping for our move!
Special shout out to Trent, Que and Marsha for their help! AND to my Mom and Jay who flew in from KY!
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