I watched for weeks as other city’s in other states around MD got slammed with it. While here in MD we’d gotten a light dusting or two. Until this day! I wasn’t hoping for record breaking snow fall, just enough to maybe cause the base to close for a day so I could go out with my girls and play. It did snow but I still had to go to work. Which isn’t that bad considering my job is right next door. I didn’t have an excuse! School’s closed so the girls stayed home with Daddy.


I love the look of her Bold and Brightly colored coat against the white background.


Love when the snow falls thick n chunky like this it’s so gorgeous!


See, that’s my house with the Red Swagger Wagon, I’m taking the picture from the driveway of the house where I work!

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Tamika said...

How cute! I love the picture of your daughter! I agree the bright colors look great against the snow, and I am so jealous of your commute to work, lol!

Angie said...

Cute pictures lady:) I LOVE your new blog design!!!! super cute!


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