Box Oven (Tutorial) **warning**lots of pics

This coming weekend my Girl Scout troop and I are attending a Camping for Dummies overnight training.  I will earn my Adult camp certification and the girls will learn camp safety. This will prepare us to venture out on our own camping trip later this year (O-Boy!).  In preparation for the training we had to gather A TON of supplies and make a few. When the trainers first explained the box oven to me I had an AhHa moment. Ever been in the middle of baking something in your oven and POOF! the power goes out? Well I have! With this box oven you can cook ANYTHING you’d make in a regular oven: cakes, brownies, casseroles, even a turkey! I watched this video prepared by our camp trainers. I’ll have to get back to you on the how to use the Box Oven…I haven’t used mine yet but I will share when I do!IMG_8882

Materials:                                                                                                          1 Copy Paper Box

1 roll masking tape or blue painters tape

1 roll HEAVY DUTY Reynolds wrap


Stick tape all over the box (even the bottom)


Measure out your foil length wise so the there is an overlap on either side. Making sure shiny side is up.


Fold the foil around the box to make creases in the foil.


Fold the foil along all four creases


Place the foil carefully in the box and begin to unfold. Smoothing out the foil along the bottom and sides of the box to making sure to eliminate the any air pockets.


Unfold the foil completely up the inside of the box and down the outsides.


Add more tape to bottom & sides to apply a layer of foil to the shorter width of the box.


Fold the foil the same as the first layer, put it in the box and smooth up the sides. Then tape the entire inside of the box and add 2 more layers length and width across the box. This will give you a total of 4 layers.


The finished project should resemble this! Tape around the outside of the box to hold the foil down. To use the oven we are going to use four aluminum cans to hold the baking pan up away from the charcoals. I’ll post a video or pics to show how this is done!

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Tamika said...

Girl Scouts always use resources wisely! You make me miss scouting
:( but I am glad to live through you, you have so much fun with it.

Angie said...

The only camping I want to do is in a cabin with a hot tub:) This is an awesome tutorial though...thanks!

Heather at Willow Cottage said...

We are not big campers, but we do enjoy a bonfire in the back yard as often as we can. This might be something very useful for us. Can't wait to see you you use it.

I just found your blog and I am your newest follower. :-) You are so creative. I am really enjoying your blog. I can't wait to explore some more.


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