Box Oven (Tutorial) **warning**lots of pics

This coming weekend my Girl Scout troop and I are attending a Camping for Dummies overnight training.  I will earn my Adult camp certification and the girls will learn camp safety. This will prepare us to venture out on our own camping trip later this year (O-Boy!).  In preparation for the training we had to gather A TON of supplies and make a few. When the trainers first explained the box oven to me I had an AhHa moment. Ever been in the middle of baking something in your oven and POOF! the power goes out? Well I have! With this box oven you can cook ANYTHING you’d make in a regular oven: cakes, brownies, casseroles, even a turkey! I watched this video prepared by our camp trainers. I’ll have to get back to you on the how to use the Box Oven…I haven’t used mine yet but I will share when I do!IMG_8882

Materials:                                                                                                          1 Copy Paper Box

1 roll masking tape or blue painters tape

1 roll HEAVY DUTY Reynolds wrap


Stick tape all over the box (even the bottom)


Measure out your foil length wise so the there is an overlap on either side. Making sure shiny side is up.


Fold the foil around the box to make creases in the foil.


Fold the foil along all four creases


Place the foil carefully in the box and begin to unfold. Smoothing out the foil along the bottom and sides of the box to making sure to eliminate the any air pockets.


Unfold the foil completely up the inside of the box and down the outsides.


Add more tape to bottom & sides to apply a layer of foil to the shorter width of the box.


Fold the foil the same as the first layer, put it in the box and smooth up the sides. Then tape the entire inside of the box and add 2 more layers length and width across the box. This will give you a total of 4 layers.


The finished project should resemble this! Tape around the outside of the box to hold the foil down. To use the oven we are going to use four aluminum cans to hold the baking pan up away from the charcoals. I’ll post a video or pics to show how this is done!

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Slumber Party-Hollywood Style

IMG_8682 (683x1024)
This past Saturday 2/19 my Munchkin turned 11 years old! I’m still trying to wrap my head around that. We started planning her party back in December. She decided she wanted a slumber party with a celebrity/super star theme. So I told her to go research and bring me her ideas. WOW! She came back with a 6 page written plan for her party that included: game ideas, food ideas , diagrams, invitation & goody bag illustrations, and websites for decorations…she had it all planned out!
IMG_8688 (683x1024)IMG_8692
She chose Silver,Black, and Gold for the colors after finding these decorations at
IMG_8699 (683x1024)
She’d done a Google search to get ideas on how to set up for the party and found these "Popcorn" cupcakes. Too cute, it’s not really Popcorn on top it’s mini marshmallows that you cut cross-wise and spray with yellow food coloring or Wilton  Color Mist in Yellow. IMG_8703 (1024x683)IMG_8701 (1024x683)
This cupcake wrapper was made with my new favorite Cricut Accessory – Make The Cut software. I LOVE MTC! I will probably never buy another cartridge again! I used Stickles to outline & fill in the stars and 11.
IMG_8691 (1024x683)
IMG_8695 (1024x683)
Guess what I used to make this super cute banner?
Make the cut! Really, this software is Ah-may-zing! If you have a cutting machine!IMG_8694 (1024x683)
Most of the decorations I got either on sale, with coupons or at the $1 store!
IMG_8705 (1024x683)IMG_8706
For the goody bags,I bought plain black paper sacks from Michael’s. I traced and cut out the star shape then glued cut pieces of page protectors inside the bag. I LOVE to embellish so I used a paper trimmer to make the loops on the top of the bag. Munchkin cut out little stars to glue on the outsides and the clapboard tags were made with……….YUP MTC! So was the clapboard on the balloon center piece and the front door.
IMG_8710IMG_8708 (683x1024)
The party was hit, the girls had a fun, there was pillow fighting, boy talk, movie watching, whip cream smearing, a hi fashion show and they designed their own T-shirts. They were 10 girls in all and they were all very well behaved.
The Pookie Doo has started planning her 7th birthday  with a Pinkalicious theme! Her Bday is in September so this is going to be FUN! My orders were, “Mommy, EVERYTHING has to just be PINK!”
*Sigh* I love planning parties!
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I watched for weeks as other city’s in other states around MD got slammed with it. While here in MD we’d gotten a light dusting or two. Until this day! I wasn’t hoping for record breaking snow fall, just enough to maybe cause the base to close for a day so I could go out with my girls and play. It did snow but I still had to go to work. Which isn’t that bad considering my job is right next door. I didn’t have an excuse! School’s closed so the girls stayed home with Daddy.


I love the look of her Bold and Brightly colored coat against the white background.


Love when the snow falls thick n chunky like this it’s so gorgeous!


See, that’s my house with the Red Swagger Wagon, I’m taking the picture from the driveway of the house where I work!

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My Favorite Hot Sandwich

You may remember the post about  My Favorite Sandwich . Well the ooey gooey, crunchy, warm delicousness you are viewing in the photo below is my my favorite HOT sandwich!IMG_8376
Do you need a napkin, your drooling! It doesn’t have an official name, we just call it a hot sandwich. It is so good on a cold day with a cup of soup. But not only is it ridiculously delicious it’s also super easy to make! IMG_8369IMG_8373IMG_8372
In my opinion what makes these sandwiches soooooo yummy is the sour dough bread and BBQ sauce. And I will tell you, you can’t just put any ole’ BBQ on there. I only use the Sweet Baby Ray’s Hickory and Brown Sugar Sauce. Other’s seem to ketchupy (yes, that’s a word!)IMG_8377
So what’s your favorite HOT sandwich?
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