My Favorite Sandwich

Not only do I LOVE scrapbooking but I have a couple of other LOVES. Food being  #2, & shopping #3. I've decided to not limit my blog to posts only pertaining to scrapbooking. Here is my first non-scrap post about one of my favorite sandwiches. I usually make this one a lot in the Summer ( I have a favorite winter sandwich too)
Here are the ingredients. I think the italian dressing & tomatoe are what really make this sandwich or 'sammich" if your from the south. lol

**A little bit Heaven**

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~EssenseVibez~ said...

you ain't right gurl---whurrr mine at?--i'm company--LOL

Teniqua said...

I'm from the south and i know all to well about these sandwiches. I love them also. Try a little red wine vinaigrette dressing on there and see if you like that too! Now im hungry. LOL


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