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Recently I started thinking about this blog and the direction or lack of direction it was going. I have not been a very post heavy blogger. My goal was to do at least 4-6 posts a month. But working FT along with the long list of other things I do, I couldn't keep up. So I've decided to give it another go. But first up I want to give her a much needed face lift! So please excuse the mix-matchy mess that is going on right now as I try to figure out how to do it all myself! Today I followed a tutorial from Blissfully Domestic on how to make a Blog Header. I love how this one turned out but I do want to update it with more recent photos.
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Tamika said...

That's pretty cool, I have to update mine. I know it is so hard to keep up with posting, I am trying to do a little better myself.


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