Spring will yah SPRING all ready!?

Last week we got a little bit of Spring! The temperature got up to about 70! It was sooooo nice outside the tree in front of my house of which I am still unsure as to what type it is- do you know?



There is one a cross the street that has light pink flowers. Cherry Blossoms? I don’t know! But what I do know is that Spring and it’s warm weather needs to come on- I got projects to do! You may remember last fall I got in full refinish/repaint/DIY mode! Well some projects ideas went undone. Here’s my list of to do’s:

Oh the very first thing is a yard sale! I got some great tips from The Nester that I plan to use. SHOW ME THE MONEY!!

  1. Repaint Kitchen Table set
  2. Find and most likely repaint: Full side headboard, buffet table and dresser. The Hubbs has become quite the Craigslist guru. I show him a pic and he finds it!
  3. Refinish Pookie Doo’s bedroom furniture to match her Pink and White Desk.

I know my list will grow but as we are limited on space here in military housing, it will not get too long.

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