I ::heart:: Michaels!

Today I got 60% OFF of my new storage cube. Michaels has just started price match PLUS 10%!! This made my $29 storage cube only cost around $13!!!! I am very excited about this as I have a personal policy not to buy Scrap Supplies at Michaels, HL, Joanns, or ACM w/o a coupon or the itmes all ready being on sale. Oh but it get's better..at check out I was given ANOTHER coupon for 60% Off! Hmmmmm what to buy? I'm thinking Crop-a-dile big bite or another storage component. I really wish the Cricut products were included. If you shop at Michaels what are you gonna buy with your 60% Off? Pin It
A Valentines Day inspired LO

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Design Teams

I just submitted my VERY FIRST desgin team application. It's something I've been wanting to do for a while but really never knew how or where to get the information. Then once I found out the how's and where's I was a little SCURED! Yeah-me, I was SCURED y'all! But it's a new year and all I can do is apply  right?! So I'm awaiting a decision and when I know I will definately have it posted here. I'm at excited by the possiblity of having the line, " I proudly design for......" at the end of all my messages and posts. Wish me luck! Pin It

10 Things about me

Thank you, thank you, no really no applause! LOL I've been awarded an HONEST SCRAP award by EssenseVibez (still gotta learn to insert url's in the post).
So here are 10 HONEST things about me.
1.I LOVE cookies
2.I am addicting to facebook, but I want to redirect that energy more towards my blog.
3. I just ate pot stickers and it's past 9pm!
4.I watch scary movies from behind a tiny hole in between my fingers, one eye closed, under my husbands arm.
5. A little envious of women with beautiful natural hair
6.I really can't think of ten...is that bad? Ok I'll try harder.
7.I probably need to shave my legs before my husband gets back next week.
8.I don't know ten other poeple with blogs
9. Glimmermist intimidate me.
10. I hummmmmmmm at random and unconsciously

NOW The rules of this award are:1. Post the award on your blog2. Present this award to others whose blogs you find brilliant in content and/or design, or those who have encouraged you3. Tell those people they’ve been awarded HONEST SCRAP, inform them of these guidelines4. Share “Ten Honest Things” about yourself. Pin It

A few Hours in the Life of.....

I created this mosiac as a challenge proposed by ::EssenceVibez:: I thought this was such a kool idea. For one day I was to take a picture every hour of what I saw. I know your thinking what's with deer? Well I'll explain my day starting with the top left pictur and going across the row then down. The first is a look at what I see at the stop sign on my street, deer in a nearby field, two of my daycare kids holding hands, the LOVE sign is my attempt at V-day decor, my doggy Sampson, what I read on my lunch break, children's cubbies, can't start my morning w/o a cup o coffee, time for a break to check my facebook, playing make believe, what's for breakfast, the entrance to where I work. And there you have it (not in order) but an hourly look at what I see from 7am- 5pm
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