A few Hours in the Life of.....

I created this mosiac as a challenge proposed by ::EssenceVibez:: I thought this was such a kool idea. For one day I was to take a picture every hour of what I saw. I know your thinking what's with deer? Well I'll explain my day starting with the top left pictur and going across the row then down. The first is a look at what I see at the stop sign on my street, deer in a nearby field, two of my daycare kids holding hands, the LOVE sign is my attempt at V-day decor, my doggy Sampson, what I read on my lunch break, children's cubbies, can't start my morning w/o a cup o coffee, time for a break to check my facebook, playing make believe, what's for breakfast, the entrance to where I work. And there you have it (not in order) but an hourly look at what I see from 7am- 5pm
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