Fancied up Laundry Room

It’s true my The Hubbs thinks I’m a little CooCoo for decorating the laundry room but I was inspired by sooooo many of my bloggy friends and their neat spaces, I thought why not? Plus we were finally getting new appliances.
I will admit I don’t necessarily LOVE doing the laundry  but it’s one of those things that has to get done and why not do it in a pretty space!? So here’s the BEFORE:
Our old funky washer and dryer. See my sad 1/2 attempt to organize with those green bins I stole borrowed from The Pookie Doo.  And now the AFTER:
See those curtains? They used to be in my living room, they were in “going in yard sale pile” but I thought they’d be perfect for this space. PLUS I’d be being thrifty cause I wouldn’t need to go BUY more fabric!  *High FIVE*
So the baskets, I found at Walmart $6 bucks each. My first thought was to buy wooden letters for the LAUNDRY sign but I all ready had brown vinyl so I used it and my Cricut Expression to make the signs and tags. I all ready had the Mason jar and clothes pins. The frame was $3 @ Michaels. OH the washer and Dryer! Geez, what got a good deal from The Home Depot. They were all ready 15% off and we got an extra 15% OFF! IMG_0546
Since the new set is “energy efficient” and we had leftover “non-energy effiecient” laundry soap. I thought it’d make a cute decoration. The rug, it came from Wal-Mart and guess what!? It was on clearance  $15 from $25. I consider that a splurge but it was on clearance.
I attached velcro to the other 1/2 of the curtain and to the shelf to hide the tool box and The Hubbs work boots. There is still a little work to do on the wall where our freezer is but I’ll get to that later.
We live in military housing so I wanted everything to be moveable. Had this been a home I owned, I’d probably gone for installing cabinets. But this works!
Remember my subway art thingy! There it is. Also scapped a little backyard clothes drying scene with my Creative Memories Everyday Display. That’s a pair of jeans, a towel and a dress.
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Kristen said...

LOVE it...almost makes me want to work on my own laundry room...ALMOST ;) what a fun coffee and breakfast I had this morning with my new reading material...YOUR BLOG! Yay me! I found you via blog hopping an am happy I did :) Following now.


Jojorenee said...

I love it! Looks super MS! I got my machines right before you and still their area is NOT Fancied up yet!!!!!!!!!! I jealappy!


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