Okay so I couldn’t think of a fancy smancy title for this post. I’m really not that clever. But I had to share a with you a few of the photos I took of my girls’ over the Easter holiday. They absolutely love when I grab my camera and say, “Let’s go out for a photo shoot”. It helped that we’d been watching an America’s Next Top Model Marathon too. I got great shots, they had a blast and we laughed the whole time.

spring college

What things come to mind when you think of Spring? For me it’s the beginning of finding some great stuff at yard sales and maybe hosting a couple of my own to get make room for the cool “new to me” stuff I find.

Munchkin has plans to open a lemonaid stand and sell jewelry. Pookie doo she just wants to be in charge of the money!

COOKOUTS/ BBQs!!! Yeaaaaaa Boi! I think we’re gonna be having one of these really soon. The Hubbs got a new ginorous grill late last summer and I know he can’t wait to fire it up!  The girls’ and I call him The Grill SGT. I know, it’s korny but we don’t care-thppppppppft!

Outdoor projects. I have a couple in the line up: An armoir, dinning set, computer desk, and some picture frames for now. I don’t have a garage so I have to wait for great weather.

Last but not least ROAD TRIPS…living on the East Coast there are so many places to go and see. The best part is a lot of them can be done in just 1 day! So we get up early on a Saturday, pick a direction, and with our trusty Garmin Nuvi, we hit the road. Although the gas prices are really putting ???? on our road trips! UGH!

So what about you? What images do Spring bring to mind?

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Tamika said...

Oh I know you got some great photos! the girls look amazing. i love them smell of a spring rain and some ribs on the grill! Reggie is the self-proclaimed grill master here in philly and I am always ready for a good barbeque. Right now spring is costing me so much money with graduations, proms and recitals coming up that I am looking forward to the fall, lol.

Jojorenee said...

Man I wish I was that good behind the lense! I esp love the one of the girls up in the blog header!

The beginning of spring to me means GET OUT OFTEN because soon we'll be shut in again by the cold! lol Got to remember to use that as a title!


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