Kitchen Table *Refinish*

Hello Friends...I know my blogging has been mostly non-existent for the past couple of months BUT summer is here and so much is going on. I have a laundry list of DIY's and To Do's I wanted to get done before it get's too cold outside. I think I'm back on track. Meet our kitchen table-ugly thing! We got it and four chairs from a friend of a friend way back when….I hated it then but kept it because I ran a home daycare business and didn’t mind the kids destroying it because I had plans to buy a new set. IMG_2484
After much thinking and browsing I decided to keep our old table and give her a facelift. I was inspired by several blogs that have similar tables and have repainted theirs.
I took the top and bottom apart. I sanded the bottom down to it’s bare wood and tried to do the same to the top but it was too much work. I used a stain stripper, I sprayed it on and in 15 minutes it was stripping the rest of the stain right off!
It was an ooey gooey mess! NASTY!
As I stripped and cleaned the top, I’d begun priming and spray painting the pedestal. I wanted to go with a deep plum color but The Hubbs couldn’t see my vision and wanted black like I’d showed him from the blogs. I used Hi-Gloss.
Look at it shine! I used a pecan stain and poly in 1 for the top. Now all that’s left to do is find new chairs our old ones are busted!
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Tamika said...

Iffy that looks great, wonderful job.

Brown Sugar Babies said...


Papercrafting Princess said...

Awesome job Iffy!


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