New York City **Day 1**

         *** WARNING**  This post is heavy on the pictures! LOTS N LOTS of photo’s!

The weekend after the 4th of July, I had the pleasure of spending 4 days with 5 my scrappy friends in one of the greatest city’s on earth(at least in my opinion)! NEW YORK, NEW YORK! It all started when we were talking about getting together for a weekend to crop. I knew no one would scrap just a lot of talking so I suggested we plan a “Something to scrap about weekend”. They all thought it was a great idea and it became even sweeter when Andrea offered to host us at her house in Long Beach, NY!

photo 1 (8)

So I boarded the Amtrak(my first train ride) headed for NY…I could hardly stand the excitement,  I thought I was gonna be able to sleep for the ride but no luck. Due to the fact that I get motion woozy (I don’t call it sickness because that implies that I actually throw up). I couldn’t wait to get off that train. photo 4 (8)

2.5 hours later I arrived at my final destination. At first I almost missed the Penn Station stop because the sign at the Station says Pennsylvania Station and I almost didn’t put 2 n 2 together. Luckily I asked another passenger! IMG_1256

Outside it was just as I imagined. Lots of lights, people going here and there, sirens, horns and Taxi cabs everywhere! New York at night was so exciting. We drove to her house,I unloaded my bags, had a tour of her amazing house, and then we went to a diner for some food @ 1:00am!


This is Andrea’s house. A 1920’s craftsman's style home. YES, the inside is just as detailed and beautiful as the outside. Did I mention she lives four blocks from the beach?IMG_1288

We got up extra early to go pick Barb up from the airport. Barb had the farthest commute. She came in from Blythewood, SC!


First we parked Andrea’s car and boarded the E train to the World Trade Center. For the rest of the day I’ll let the pictures do the the talking!


IMG_1307IMG_1308photo 2 (7)




Chelsea MarketIMG_1399

Ground Zero Museum Workshop


The High Line


Times Square is so ALIVE there is so much happening, so many things to see! Look at all of those people!  The billboards were craaaa-zay! 


We dipped in and out of stores in and around times square until it was time to meet Tamika! She came in from Philly!


Then we all headed back to Andrea’s for Dinner from Gino's. That pizza was soooooo good! So that was day one!  Hope you liked the pictures.

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Papercrafting Princess said...

You ladies had a ball! Great story and thanks for sharing. Enjoyed the tour


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