Ornament Wreath

I have wanted one of these for a while now but either could not find the right colors like this one or did not want to shell out the big bucks for one at The Home Depot for $69.00! So I did a little “googling” and found many tutorials I found this one and then I came across this cute blog and another one but I cannot find it now. FOUND IT!
wreath collage 2
The instructions said to use felt but I didn’t have any so I used an old t-shirt and cut it into strips wrapped it around the wreath and secured it with large safety pins. All of these items I all ready had on hand-Yup! Yup!
close up wreatj
I bought at least 10-12 containers of different sized red and silver ornaments from the dollar tree…You can really get in trouble in that place. You think oh, it’s only a buck, I’ll take one of those and one those and at check out you’ve managed to put $50 worth of “one of those” in your cart! YIKES!!
ornament wreath
I glued and glued, it took two late nights but I got it done and I am sooooo happy with the results. It perfectly matches my Christmas d├ęcor which BTW is red, white, & silver. I collect snowmen too (more on that later).
Thanks for clicking by! Happy Holidays!!
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Tamika said...

WoW! Iffy this is so beautiful! I love it.

Brown Sugar Babies said...


Angie said...

This is awesome Tiffany!!! Hey, Im sorry I didnt see your comment on my lightbox...there was actually a link embedded in the posting but I forgot to turn it a different color! So it wasnt visible unless you scrolled over it! sorry about that:)

~EssenseVibez~ said...


Heather said...

Beautiful wreath!!!

Brandi said...

beautiful job on your wreath!

Comeca Jones said...

Love it although I am not quite as creative .I will be back to visit. Im a follower now! I would love your opinion on my new look.I invite you to visit my blog. http://shanswife.blogspot.com

Hailey said...

This is gorgeous!! Thanks for the idea! I love these wreathes, but could never justify buying one!


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