The REAL Scooby-Doo!

My five year old Lab, Sampson will do ANYTHING for a treat!  Trying to get him to budge without the promise of a treat is pretty much useless. If he get’s loose show him a treat he’ll turn right back around. Bath & brushing time? Show him a bone he’ll sit as long as you need. Don’t believe? See for yourself! The REAL Scooby-Doo.

sampson rudolphHow fun is this photo, I used Picnik to add the lights and make his nose red. But I had to bribe him to wear the antlers.

022His eye’s are fixed on the bone my daughter is holding.026

Here are the shots before I decided to bribe him with a treat!028


Here are the shots with the bribe in play!030031Look at that face…he’s hanging in there but he ain’t liking it!


033I gave him two snacks for being so cooperative! He’s sucha good boy!

Happy Holidays!

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Tamika said...

Aww, Sampson is just gorgeous!


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