One last holiday craft post!

Hello friends…I am soooooo excited for this Christmas my Mom will be here as well as Favorite Son Jamel and the best part is, the girls have no clue.I love surprises! So before the business of having company ensues here’s one more holiday craft post. I saw this Pottery Barn inspired Noel sign on a couple of different blog in the blogosphere. I loved it and it’s super easy to make your own! But I don’t really go for the rustic look, I LOVE sparkle and shine. So here’s my version of the sameproject.

 I got the letters from Joann’s on sale for $1 OFF each letter so I think they were $1-2 each. Should’ve gone bigger but I wasn’t sure what I was gonna do with them at the time.
 In the inspiration post she used brown paint, I used black-didn’t have brown but it worked out really nice.010   
I LOVE this stuff! Did you know there is a blog all about Mod Podge, I like the glossy shinny look and this does the trick!Just slop it on and it dries clear

I Really wanted frames that were 8 x 8 but I didn’t have time to make them or go out to get them so I settled for these from Target for now. They were about $2 each!
 So that I can reuse the frame for something else once I get the frames I’d really like-I used Velcro so that it’s not so permanent.017018019
It looks so small in that space-I might make a bigger one and give this one a new home, I am definitely going to make a similar one (someday but with the letters SNOW).
Happy Holidays’ Everyone!  CHRISTMAS IS 3 DAYS AWAY!!!
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~EssenseVibez~ said...

i submitted this project to the
MODPODGE blog--i hope they feature it!!!

Tamika said...

Wow you are just full of tricks!


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