O’ Christmas Tree

This year putting up and decorating the tree was a BREEZE! Wanna know why? Well cause I only hung the extra red lights and the girls did the rest. You should have seen them…singing Christmas songs, breaking glass ornaments, laughing and giggling, almost knocking over the tree. It was fun to watch them.  Though I wanted too, I Ieft the tree just as they designed it gaps, overcrowding and all!
Our tree is a faux prelit tree we’ve had now for 3 years….for the firs 9 we had a GIGANTIC faux tree that was my families, being a military family living in tiny quarters most of the I could only put 1/ 2 the tree or the whole thing and leave off the back bottom branch’s. SMH.
I got this tree from JCP for a steal…yawl know I’m cheap  frugal! LOL It’s a 7.5 foot pre-lit tree and I love it…it goes together in 3 pieces!!
My husband got this train about 6-7 years ago,it’s really cool the little smock stack puffs out little clouds of real smoke and it toot’s and everything. (Please ignore the ugly tree skirt…it matched my theme of red, white & silver. I keep wanting to replace it and hopefully this year after Christmas I’ll find a good deal.
I adore all of the handmade ornaments the girls have contributed to our lil tree. The one with Ryene’s name on it is from Gramma ( I know that’s not how you spell it but that’s how they pronounce it, you don’t hear an “n”) We gotta get Erynn one too!
 IMG_7547 IMG_7550IMG_7549
I LOVE this frame ornament and the people in it.
I'm linking this post to the party over at Thriftydecorchick.com go check out a few dozen other awesome Christmas Tree's.

Wishing everyone a safe, blessed, joyous Holiday Season! Pin It

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Annett/ Fit Moms Fit Kids Club said...

Love the decorations (my kids just made the hand snowmen ornaments I LOVE them!) The train is a great touch too. That's a great idea! Have a great Christmas! Cute family by the way!


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