Bokeh…well “bokeh-ish”

Last year I sat drooling and dreamy eyed in front of my computer staring at this post by Amanda over at I love her blog: food, fashion, photography, giveaways, traveling, srapbooking did I say food?. OKay  back to BOKEH.. First I had to get my  fancy shamancy camera. In Amandas blog as well as others I looked at they used a 50 mm lens or an 85 mm lens. Well I dodn’t have either so I had to make do what it do baby! Take a look.



I used my 18-55mm that came with the camera so now you see why I say bokeh-ish! But I’am on the right track!


I followed the directions on Amanda’s blog using a flower and heart shape. I attached it to my lens set in manual mode.


This last one was done without the shape cover. It’s so pretty-ful! (yes that’is a word!)


Happy Holidays!

Yawl come back now-ya here!

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Tamika said...

Love the photos and the lights seem magical!


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