Christmas Tutu-torial

This  year the girls are both going to participate in the local Christmas Parade with out Girl Scout troops. The is Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. Ryene is going to be an elf. But Erynn…..she wants to be a doll…but not just any doll…she wants to be Christmas Barbie! Yes, I know Barbie was not in the story but there were dolls, right!? Well to turn her into Christmas Barbie I remembered a Tutu worn by one of the little girls where I work that her Mom had made…super super cute and sooooo easy! Wanna see?
You’ll need: 3 yards of tulle, each a different color
2-4 spools of Ribbon (one to make the belt, the others to add to the tutu)
Bells or buttons to embellish
Fold tulle long ways in thirds and begin cutting 2” strips. Repeat for other two yards.
To measure for the belt, I tied it around her waist and made a bow then cut from the end of the bow.
Untie the bow and where it meets tie a not on either end of the ribbon, this is to hold the tulle on.
Now you can cut your tulle strip in half or fold it in 1/2 and tie it to the belt ribbon you’ll have to cut one end because it will be a loop. I thought this gave it more fluff.
Keep tying the tulle onto the belt ribbon until the desired look is achieved or you run out of tulle. I wanted the EXTRA fluffy look so I kept on tying.IMG_7298
Add your extra ribbon, bells or other embellishments and tie the NOW Tutu skirt around your daughter with a bow. You may have to space the tulle out evenly along the belt to fill in spaces and gaps.
And there you have a quick, easy, Christmas Tutu! I will be so cute once I she’s wearing a coordinating outfit and I found a bow in the Target $1 bin to match. Pin It

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