40th Birthday Beer Bash

Hello friends! These past couple of months have been so extremely busy for me! We're moving in June to TEXAS! Tell yah more later-promise! I'm in school, leading girlscouts, working full time, and was planning the Hubbs 40th bday party. 
At first it was going to be a little shindig at the crib with 10-15 guests, no big whoop! Well during the planning we found out he got promoted AND we were moving. So it became a birthday, promotion, farewell party with over 50 guests!
All the stress and planning that went into it were worth it. We had it outside at a park, the weather was amazing! Everyone had a good time. I surprised him by flying our son in from NC. The look on his face was priceless! I love surprising people.

The invites were designed by me as well as these mugs I found at the $1 store! I think I have a tutorial on these coming up.
 As you may have guessed it was a Beer Tasting themed party. We sent out invites and asked everyone to bring a six pack of beer from one of three different categories instead of gifts.
I was a tad dissappointed with the cake turnout, I didn't know the picture would look so drab! It was delicious though, we used a local bakery. The food was catered by Fast Eddie's Pitt Beef. I didn't get a picture but we had pit turkey, ham, and beef.

We ended up with soooooooooooooo much beer and so many types. Most I'd never even heard of.
 I set the different beers out along with pencils and score cards for guest to make notes of the different beers they tried.  Along with the cake we had mini cherry cheesecakes, chocolate chip cookie and brownies. 
I used myownlabels.com to create these custom beer bottles. I thought this was so cool!
Note to self: Next time get waterproof labels- duh! & hire a photographer!
 Now that the party is behind me, time to get busy prepping for our move!
Special shout out to Trent, Que and Marsha for their help! AND to my Mom and Jay who flew in from KY!
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Jojorenee said...

Oh my gosh what an event Steve must have been toasting to the wife!!!

Anonymous said...

Were did u get the mugs


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