Our Almost House

Since February we have been in limbo about whether or not we were going to tell the Military life goodbye. We’d finally decided in March that if The Hubbs didn’t get promoted we would go a head and retire here in Maryland.

So we started looking at houses thinking the chances of this promotion were 50/50 we wanted to be somewhat prepared. If he got the promotion we’d be moving,if not we’d be staying put.

One Sunday we went out to a new development and fell head over hills in love. The development was out in the country only about 20 homes being built. Huge lots….GORGEOUS!! 

We’d picked out a lot and floor plan and even drove up to the Design Center to look at finishes.


The best thing about this house was, you see that room labeled STUDY, yeah right there up front as you enter on the right. That my friends was going to be my MOM CAVE. Mine. Me. all to myself!

This plan didn’t come with a basement so we’d decided to have one added on, where we’d put the media room aka DAD CAVE and the girls’ would have a special area.


I could imagine myself sitting on that porch sipping my coffee and reading a magazine. **sigh**

Folks I knew the color scheme I wanted, furniture placement, etc. I was soooooo excited!

We’re Military!  I should’ve known better!

The following week turned our worlds upside down. 1st. We were to report Texas by July 10, 2012 and second (acutally this is good news) The Hubbs was getting promoted!

So there is our almost house…..now back to the house hunting only this time in San Antonio, TX! Wish us luck!

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Samantha said...

hey there!

oh my - i would love a mom cave!!! such a fun idea!!!

love that floor plan, too! good luck with the house hunt. :-)

Tiffany @ Iffy Scraps said...

Thanks Samantha!

Brandi said...

Good luck to you and your family. Texas sounds like fun! (Hot fun! LOL!)


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