I’m BACK!!

I have been away from blogging since September. I think because I was overwhelmed with posting and wanted to take a minute to figure out what I wanted this blog to be about (still not quite sure). Well during that time life got busy and days turned into weeks, weeks to months! I have sooooo much to show and tell. 
I'll start with a Rockin' Rock Star party I helped my friend with. She really went all out to create a fun time for her daughters 8th birthday..get ready tons of pictures!
I love all of the little details! Even the ice cubes were pink and purple star shaped! Check out the table cloth!
Candy coated marshmallows, pop rocks, rock candy, cake pops, blow pops, candy coated pretzel sticks, pink & purple M&M’s
Each “rock star” had to get ready for their performance in hair and makeup! Mom’s an ex-MaryKay consultant so she had leftover supplies for each girl to have her own vanity set up!
Ready to rock out! Inflatable guitars and all.
The Band.
The Birthday Girl and Pookie Doo-they are besties.IMG_6702
This was probably my favorite part of the party- Dad was SECURITY, he was posted up at the front door with the VIP guest list and their VIP passes to enter the party.

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Tamika said...

Very cute party, it looks like everyone had a great time and yes that was great having Security work the door, lol.


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