Red Felt Roses {Tutorial}

It’s all most Valentine’s Day! No, I’m not a real big fan of the day but it does inspire cool crafts and scrapbook LOs. Here is a SUPER EASY tutorial for felt flowers. I’ve made them before. CLICK HERE to see them.



You’ll need to cut your material into squares, then pick  corner and start cutting around and round. Leaving a nickle to quarter sized piece in the middle.047
You can make wavy edges for a different effect. I don’t have piking sheers but I bet they’d be cool to use!  Once your done cutting, start rolling. Starting from the outside in….roll, roll, roll…

Now smack on a big dollup of glue…gahead don’t be scurd!

Fold the rolled part over to the center and let it dry for about an hour and you’ll have a beautiful flower. Playing with the edges and width of the cut will give you a different flower. I plan to turn these into a hair accessory for Pookie Doo. Maybe to hair ties or a headband! I’ll be sure to post a pic so you can see!
Happy Valentine’s Day!
I have one more Valentine’s Day inspired craft. Remember my NOEL letters craft try to guess what I did with those for Valentine’s day!?
Excuse the poor quality fo the photo's I was using my cell.
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Papercrafting Princess said...

I'll been wanting to try the felt roses. Thanks for sharing!

Tamika said...

Great tutorial! I have to try them. Stop by my blog when you have a chance, have something for ya!


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