Hot Bliggity BLOG! 10 of my favorite blogs

These are in no particular order but are blogs I stalk checkout on a daily basis to see if there is anything new or sometimes I checkout old posts for anything I may have missed. I stole this idea from my bloggin' buddy Angie so let's start with her!
The House of Reeves Angie is just plain fun! She blogs about food, crafts, and everyday life!

Kevin and Amanda Amanda is my blog hero! Cool giveaways, photography tips, reviews, reciepes....I mean the list goes on and on!

Picky Palate If you LOVE super easy reciepes Jenny is so crafty in the kitchen I first fell in love with Jenny and her blog ever since I tried THE MOTHERLOAD LAYERED COOKIE BAR She even has a recipe for  mini snickers cheescakes! delicious!

Thirfty Decor Chick is really awesome! I love her thrifty diy style. Sarah's blog is where I learned about "linky" parties! And remember my NOEL craft, I saw it orginally on her blog!

The Pioneer Woman OMG! I luvs me some Ree, she is like the bloggin' equivalent to Oprah. Her blog has so much GOOD information and tips. Talk about cool give aways, this lady gives away KITCHENAID MIXERS, NIKON CAMERAS, FABULOUS CLOTHING, she homeschools her children, herds cattle, and....well you'll just have to go see!

Art is the Imitation of Life Taj White is a ridiculously talented woman. I adore her scrapbook work!

Adventures of An American Mum Racheal Durik is an amazing photographer, I love her blog and her photography

The Idea Room the name says it all, this blog is full of really great diy crafts and projects.

Oh the places you will go! Here is a fun blog by my dear friend Tina. She tells of her families traveling adventures while being currently stationed in Germany. (which I hope to be joining her there soon)!Cutie

Cutie Booty Cakes I started following Renee's blog because of her weightloss journey. I've been a weightloss journey since 2000 (but that's another blog another post) Her blog is very inspirational and fun to read.

So that wraps it up! Enjoy. Pin It

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