Ruffled Camera Strap Slipcover Tutorial

I love anything that can be customized. Especially if I can do it myself! When I decided to buy my new DSLR Camera  I knew I had to have a cutesy tootsey camera strap. The one that it comes with is wayyyyy to BORING! I love pinks, ruffles, flowers....okay you get the point I'ma girly girl! HA!
One Sunday night while The Hubbs watched football I sat down and made my slipcover. I was a little nervous because I've only used my sewing maching on to sew stitches on paper. So anyways here's what I first but certainly not my last RUFFLED CAMERA STRAP SLIPCOVER:

Here's what I used:
2-3 different pieces of fabric at least 1/2 yard
sewing machine
ruler & measuring tape
iron & ironing board
camera strap

Here's what I did:
Measure your camera strap.

I measured the length and width then added 1" to each. So measurements were 25" x 2.75"
Fold the ends over 1/4" and press to help hem stay 
Make sure your hem's match so that your two strips of fabric remain the same length. Sew and back stitch the beginning and ends. 
 Use a ruler and measure 1/4" in from the edges, You should have 2" in the middle
Sew one end of the two pieces together. It's helpful to pin the fabric together so that it doesn't slip around while your sewing. Back stitch the beginning and end.
Next cut your fabric to ruffled. This will need to be double the length of your strap. I cut a 42"x 1.75" strip. 
Next I stitched a zigzag hem on my ruffle fabric. With the top of the fabric up so the zigzag shows. Then sew a basting stitch down the middle of your ruffle fabric. Pin one end to the base fabric and pull the strings at the end to make the fabric "ruffle" 
here you will need to play with the ruffles to get them even
Pin the fabric down and sew a stitch down the middle 
These fabric roses came from my scrapbook stash I just hand stitched them on.
Next I pined my ruffle over towards the middle of the fabric to avoid catching in the stitch (good idea but then it was hard to get the pins out form the inside-got pricked about 6 times! OUCH!)
Fold the to loose ends together, you will be looking at the underside of your fabric, sew a line all the way down. Back stitch the beginning and end. 
AND VIOLA! Once you flip the fabric from inside out you get this!

TFL~Happy Crafting!

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Alia said...

YOU ROCK!!! :)

Jojorenee said...

That pattern fabric with the ruffle roses is HOT!!!
I see Christmas gifts for fellow camera owning friends in the making???? Ha-ha

Beth@The Stories of A to Z said...

Oh my goodness, this is so cute! I love it!


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