Family, FOOD, & Football

This weekend we took a quick trip down to NC to see my step-son play football. We stayed with my Gran Gran who lives about 25 minutes from him. So it was a triple-treat couple of days, we visited with family, ate some goooood southern food, and watched a good football game.

This is prbably the 4 or 5th pic I have us LOLing!
Must haves in NC!
The game was also homecoming he was voted: Mr. Senior
My Son Jamel
my girls and their camera's- just like Mommie!
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Sue said...

Glad you had a great time and a safe trip. Plus a good football game to boot!
It's nice to see you blogging - you are a natural at it. I enjoy doing my blogs too. It's just a place where we can be us, don't you think?
Your family is beautiful - you and Steven included. Give him a hug from me, please.
Blessings to you all...hope I can do a better job of keeping in touch with you.

Tamika said...

love the pics,it looks like you had a great time.


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