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I must have been bitten by a HUGE create bug this week. My glue gun was smokin'! I orginally got inspiriation from a good friend of mine whose starting her own paper crafting business (more on that later). Halloween is coming up and I LOVE all of the cool crafts and yummy treats that go along with this holiday. I've come across some really cool crafty blogs like: How Does She? Crafts by Amanda The Idea Room amazingly talented ladies. I got all of the following ideas from these sites. Check them out!

I've been wanting a wreath for my door but I wanted to be a Halloweeny/Fall theme (yes, halloweeny is a word) couldn't find one so I made one.

I all ready had the wreath, all of the added items came from Michaels, I made the spider web with hot glue. I made the whole thing in one evening!

Also while blog hopping I came across a post the said: Perfect chocolate-chip-cookies  No-way, WHAT?! Really?! Perfect huh?  Well I'll to see about that......
OMG!! They were so...... well, PERFECT! They baked up perfectly, taste perfect and super easy to make. The recipe called for *melted* butter, I'd never heard of sucha thing! But maybe that is the secret to this PERFECT cookie!

I made two dozen and had a little batter left over so I created these....

                                 GIANT chocolate-chip Snickers Cookies
using my current favorite baking pan the Muffin Top Pan. I haven't made a muffin top yet, but it's great for giant cookies!  One of these was so scrumptious with vanilla ice cream, hot fudge and dallop of whip cream! YUMMMM...

Like I said I got a HUGE bite by the creative bug....So I created a couple of other crafts. When my oldest was little I'd always make custom hairbows to match her dresses. Then I learned to braid and haven't created a hairbow in years until now..................

Erynn is gonna be so CUTE with these on her puffy balls hairdo!

The next little craft was just so cute I had to try it. Mason Jar luminaries!
There are a ton of different ways to make them, but I used acrylic paint, clear glossy spray laquer, & mod podge.

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Tamika said...

Do that girl, you are a crafting machine! I love the lumineres, they are super cute and now they have the battery operated tea lights that will make them super safe. Your wreath is awesome, nice work on the web.

Gabrielle Pollacco said...

Oh Yum! those cookeis look amazing!!

~Gabrielle xx

Jojorenee said...

SEW cute!


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