Camera Evolution

 I've always LOVED taking pictures..not necessarily of myself but of friends, family, places & things. I remember buying the disposable 35mm camera's as early as 5th grade. In high school my Mom gave me my first non-disposable 35mm...I wore that poor camera out and the people at the Wal-Mart & Winn-Dixie photo processing centers knew me by name! I remember filling out the envelop dropping my little roll in anxiously waiting 5-7 days for my pictures to come back. I was THRILLED when next day service came about. Then Winn-Dixie opened the1-hour processing and I could get different sized photos. I'd hang a sheet on my closet door, grab the desk lamps from my brother and my room for lighting and have my brother take pictures.....HILARIOUS now thinking back. This was my camera back then.....

That camera lasted me through the birth of my first child. I'd dropped it so much I had to duct tape the battery door closed!
 This was my very 1st digital camera...I remember buying it in Alaska @ the PX it was around $250. I was so excited that I could just snap away then go back and delete the bad photos and only develop the ones I wanted. It was an expensive buy for me but I thought it was worth it because I'd save a ton on film developing. I took pictures EVERYDAY so the35mm was expensive!
Now belongs to my oldest daughter and still takes great photos
Digital Camera's started getting smaller and with larger screens so after about 6 years I decided I needed an upgrade. I loved my first Kodak so I stuck with them and bought this one
My husband thinks this will be his camera but this is gonna be my purse camera (hehehe)

Got this one from Target for around $175...I loved that it was small and has an automatic lens cover. It fit in my coat pocket or my small purse..great for when we are at amusement parks. I also liked the larger screen 2".
My scrapbooking hobby led me to want better pictures and the ability to try different techniques not possible with a point n shoot. So I began the process of shopping for a DSLR camera....GOOD GOO those things are pricey! My first thought was I'll stick with what I got shoooooot!
I changed my mind a million times, I researched, price compared, tested them in store, read countless consumer reviews and decided I wanted the Canon EOS Rebel T1i. What sealed the deal is my dad has the same camera & I was able to play around with his during a recent visit where I shot this photo...
NEVER can get a good shot of him until....this one!

That was it! I had to have this camera, I saved and constantly priced checked then on 10/3/2010 I place the order..she arrived that following Friday and we've been inseparable ever since!

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SO jealappy for ya! Maybe one day I will be a big girl and move up too!


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