Oooooo it's so CUTE!!!

Crate Paper's Paper Doll Collection that is. I just received the goodies in the mail yesterday and they are even better than what I expected! This line goes so well with pictures I've taken of my 5 year old. She's such a girly girl and I LOVE IT!!

For about a year now we've been asking her periodically if she'd like to get her ears pierced. Once she said yes so we beat it over to the mall and just as we walked up a baby got her ears done and SCREAMED!!! Erynn immediately said, "Uhmmm...No thanks!" So I just let go of trying to get her ear pierced until one Wednesday morning she woke up an during our morning get up and go routine she asked to have her ears pierced! I was super surprised and didn't believe she'd go threw with it. I told her we'd go on the weekend. Well wouldn't you know it come Saturday her first question was, "Are we going to get my ears pierced now?" So we went to Clair's and she surprised me and dad. She picked out cute little PINK flowers and even made sure I had the camera and was ready to take pictures. I'd been looking for the perfect papers to go with the pictures and well you just look and see:

See, see what I mean aren't these papers ADORABLE!

I love putting the curly paper on LOs now.
Several cute little chipper board accents, I had to stop myself from using them all on this one LO!

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