Mint Cookie Fluffed Cupcakes

Thin Mints Fluffer YUM Cupcakes

When I made the Fluffer-Oreo Birthday Boy Cupcakes by Jenny. I shared a few with my dear friend and Girl Scout Co-leader. She loved them and talked about them for months. So I planned to make her a full dozen for her bday! BUT because we are girl scouts and it’s cookie season I thought I’d put my own twist on Jenny's recipe.
in the mixer

I followed her recipe but instead of Oreo cookies, I used thin mint cookies and garnished with Andes Mint Candies. Ryene pointed out they are the same ones they give you at Olive garden after dinner.
fluffer & thin mints

I used about 1 1/2 sleeves of cookies in the reciepe. 1/2 crushed and added to the mixture the other ones were used in the layering. It’s so hard to resist tasting the mix…but I’m afraid of raw eggs so nope uh-uh!
mint fluff cupcakes

Layer cake mix, cookie, fluff, cake mix. Homemade cream cheese frosting is sooooo good on these. Just mix I stick of butter, 12 oz. of cream cheese and add powered sugar until you get the desired consistency.
inside cupcake

Garnish with a mint for extra mint taste and Viola! ENJOY with a big ole cold glass of milk! Oh and BTW I made a 8x8 cake with the other 1/2 of the batter…but sorry I don’t have photos my family inhaled it while I delivered my friend her cupcakes.

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