My 2nd Sketch!!

I think I'm on to something..not only does drawing out my sketch for LO help me put LO's together faster but I didn't consider that other people would enjoy my sketches. Today I did a LO of my DD Ryene on her 10th birthday....Birthday's are always bittersweet for me. I enjoy and feel blessed each time one of my girls reaches that milestone. But I'm always a little sad, I really can't expalin why. This birthday had the same effect. To create my sketches I start with what photo's I plan to use then I go from there. I've also noticed when I start a LO from a sketch it often changes as I'm doing it.  So the actual LO becomes a  variation of the sketch.
And here is the LO I created after drawing out this sketch

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*charygirl said...

Love the sketch you made for Kreatorville. We're showcasing it today on the blog!


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