At the end of every year I always like to give my daughters' teachers a little gift to show my apprection for all they've done during the year. This year I had a little bit of a problem. My oldest had a male teacher for the first time! He is one of those teachers that REALLY takes time to get to know each student and can really give parents helpful insight into how to better help your child. He challenged R to go above and beyond instead of letting her get away with doing good enough!  Towards the end of the year we found out he'd be taking a job at a different school as the math coach. He'll be teaching other teacher's how to teach their students math. In addition to the girls teacher's I had to especially thank the school nurse. My youngest has asthma and since we moved here to MD it hasn't been well controlled. I feared I'd have to quit my job to be more available for her. But Ms.Shipley was amazing. She went exceeded any expectations I had and looked out for my baby while she was at school and called me if there were any concerns. Thank goodness she'll be there next year!

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