End of the school year!

Well tomorrow is the beginning of "end of the school year activities" for us. Field trips, award ceremonies, etc. I am so excited I always get some great pictures and I love thinking that the girls will see these years from now and have those memories. This whole year has been extra special for my youngest because it was her first year in PK. I havent scrapped a lot of it but believe u me it's well documented :). Her teacher sent home a note pinned to her shirt written in red ink with her phone number for me to be sure and attend the awards ceremony, because she will be receiving a "very special" award. Can't wait to see what it is. Camera is charged and ready to go with a brand new memory card! Then Wednesday is my 3rd graders turn she is super excited because she will be receiving several awards but her most coveted is the "Perfect Attendance" can't wait to capture those moments and you bet I'll scrap them soon to share with you all! Thanks for viewing. Pin It

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