Adirondak Bench Makeover

 Hi Bloggy friends! Most of you are probably doing Fall front porch decor this time a year. I did that too, but I also have a back porch!  That's part of what sold us on this house, it had two porches to work with.
 While we were still waiting to close we came across these Adirondak Benches at The Home Depot. They retailed for $100 but they were on clearance for $40 each! I know, I know crazy right!? We got two and the little matching tables that were $8 each.

They came in a box and we had to assemble them. I didn't care for the unfinished ligther wood look. I like dark stains with a satin finish. So that's what we went with.

We got both benches and tables done in no time thanks to my family working hard.
Here is the finished chair. I got the cushions from the Garden Ridge here. The  GR just down the street from my house is GINORMOUS it's two warehouses huge!
I think I'm obessesed with spray paint. I love how it helps me transform a piece in minutes to something totally new!  I sprayed these huge old pots to match the colors in the cushions and planted hibiscus bushes in them.

 Here's what the porch looks like so far. Future plans include. 1. Hanging some outdoor lights around the top of the porch. 2.Art work on that big empty wall space. 3.Hanging lattice on the left side above the railing to give us more privacy from our neighbors. 4. Staining the railing. 5. Hanging a wind chime.

See how close the neighbors are! Lattice would work nicely with some type of greenery growing all over it.
So here it is for now.

Hopefully I'll find something at Garden Ridge to dress up that wall.

Thanks for stopping by! .
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Tamika said...

Girl you are the ultimate DIY, I mean that I really know! LOL The seating came out nice. 3 years we can't decide on paint!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Find Cold comfort!

Papercrafting Princess said...

You are so creative. Great outcome on your project..I miss your posts!


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